The Axehaft clan. A name that, for half of the dwarves in the Inner Sea region, elicits awe and respect, and for the other half, laughter and derision.

For Valin B Axehaft of the Axehaft clan, it is a name carried both proudly and as a burden. A burden that can only be lifted by reclaming his ancestral home of Axewarden Keep. Ousted by dark forces a hundred years hence, it has been a point of contention for Valin to reclaim his home, so yet he toils wherever he can, with a loyal group of retainers. The dwarves who now work for him do so under the auspices of rich reward or expectation of conference of nobility, or other unknown and various reasons.

For twenty years, on the 8th day of Gozran, when dwarven agreements are literally set in stone, Valin and his retinue have sought assistance from the leadership of Highhelm; for weapons, warriors, and wealth. Rebuked for many of those occasions, new circumstances have come to light.

Firstly, the nation of Andoran, where Axewarden Keep lies, has agreed to cede territories to Valin and release sovereign claim over the land in exchange for securing the forest and driving out the menacing enclave of fell creatures that call Darkmoon Vale their home, in addition to building a road from Falcon’s Hallow to the edge of Darkmoon Vale.

The second is a purportedly authentic treatise found in Janderhoff that contains a map of 11 Sky Citadels.

But the problem is, every dwarf knows there were only 10 Sky Citadels built.

As enticing as the additional land may be to the leadership of Highhelm, the likelihood of failure is too high and the payoff too low.

Except for one noble. Count Chargrin Halebreath of Taggoret is willing to lend support, only because he knows that by opening and exploiting trade routes more wealth can flow through dwarven coffers.

It is in Taggoret that the campaign will begin; this campaign is unique in that all PCs must have a loyalty to Valin using the Pathfinder Unchained loyalty system. He may have had a hand in your upbringing, or he may have granted you a boon in the past, and you wish to return the favor. Whatever the reason, Valin is the reason you seek adventure, and he will not leave you disappointed.

Quest for Sky

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