Torvald Axehaft


Torvald Axehaft, once known as Torvald Rockson, was a warrior, adventurer, and founder of the Axehaft Clan. Born in 4295, he rose to fame and glory with his feats of bravery and skill at the Battle of Droskar’s Crag, where he earned his name and his powerful weapon, Uvarottfjell by slaying the fire giant Gruthmag the Bold with a broken weapon.

Gruthmag the Bold, King under the Crag sundered Torvald’s dwarven waraxe with a mighty cleave of his greatsword. Unfazed, he continued his assault on the fire giant with only the haft of his weapon, striking a lethal blow at a critical moment as the giant’s blade descended in a downward arc toward him. With a ferocious roar, he threw his haft like a spear, piercing the giant’s eye socket and impaling his brain, forever ending the reign of the King under the Crag.

His prize was the warhammer Uvarottfjell, an adamantine warhammer forged of the purest adamantine and inlaid with fine mithril filigree. The hammer was once wielded by Taggun Goldbeard, the dwarven king whose face overlooks the pass near Taggoret. It is said that only royalty can wield the hammer properly, and by raising it over your head your lineage is assured.


Torvald Axehaft

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