Valin Axehaft


The proud, stubborn, slightly paranoid, and xenophobic leader of the Mighty Mithral Smashers. Each of the PCs has a loyalty toward Valin, either by you owing him a favor, a debt of gratitude, or whatever insidious reasons conspired to set you as his bosom buddy.

Well to do in his own right, Valin’s mithral and other uncommon metals are traded throughout the northeastern Inner Sea. His current operation in the north has yielded no small amount of the precious metal noqual, and is smelted and refined near Hajoth Hakados.

Secretive and private to a fault, he seldom displays emotion- anger, joy, or otherwise. By all accounts hard working and congenial, it is hard not to take an instant liking to him.


Valin Axehaft

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