Character Creation

Starting level: 1

Race: Any race from Pathfinder Core Rulebook, plus gillmen. I highly encourage you to play a dwarf character; if you choose to do so, you may customize your dwarven character using the racial build system.

Stat array: 17 16 15 14 12 10
Skills: As normal, but choose a Profession (any) or Craft (any). Add 1 skill point per level to the chosen skill.

Choose one Knowledge skill (any). Add 1 skill point per level to the chosen Knowledge skill.

Choose a Lore, subject to DM discretion. Add one skill point per level to the selected Lore skill.

Class restrictions: Core Rulebook classes only; archetypes from Ultimate Magic/Ultimate Combat/APG allowed
Feat restrictions: Core Rulebook/APG/Ultimate Magic/Ultimate Combat/Advanced Race Guide only.

Pathfinder Unchained to be utilized as deemed appropriate- see House Rules

Character Creation

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